September is a great time for pear picking as it is in the season for pears.  The season for pears is actually from August to early October so if you are there during any of these months, do try to visit a farm.

The sign for Sankouen Pear Farm was rather hidden, we actually missed it once, and there was another pear picking farm nearby.  There are also pear stalls along the road side selling pears but i am sure it is more fresher at the farm itself since it came from there.

The car park

The car park


Shop entrance

A huge car park for visitors in front of the shop, lots of families arrived for pear picking, what a great activity to do for children.  We were not greeted or directed where to go after getting out of the car, so we followed the crowd and went into the shop to ask.  There is a fee for 1000 jpy for all you can eat pear picking per an adult, you can spend as much time in the farm, and eat as much as you want.  As we did not have that much time, and cannot eat as much, we decided to just buy 2 packs of pears to eat.


Packs of ears


Pear curry

Apart from fresh pears, you can also buy pear curry in a pack for 648 jpy.  There is alos  a restaurant where you can eat, however the hot food was all sold out when we arrived.


Cashier with the restaurant at the back


Pear curry


Packing fresh pears


The shop


The farm


Back of the farm


The service here was impeccable, we asked lots of questions and with no English language, they asked a young worker from inside the farm out to help us.  His English was decent, and he tried so hard to give us all the information we need and even recommended things to us.  After buying two packs of pear, we wanted to just buy ONE to eat right now, i don’t think they sold them singularly but they made a exception for us and they did not even sell it for me. I love the honesty and helpfulness unlike in Hong Kong.

I love these pears, they were still super juicy, crunchy and sweet after being in the fridge for two weeks or more!


Sankouen Pear Farm (さんこうえん)

1973, Yuyama, Fukube-cho
Tottori City
Tottori Prefecture



1000 jpy
900 jpy

English info