March 2013


Dinner at 9pm



Lovely bowl of ramen

 2 x 豬骨魚介拉麵 – $78




Thick al dente ramen noodles


The noodles are the thick ramen, WHICH I LOVE. I ordered it to be ‘al dente’ and it came al dente which was the best.  It has the texture and does not get too soft in the soup.  it stayed hard and al dente til I finish the bowl.  the colour is yellowy.  I hate those thin white ramen noodles.  there isn’t too much texture to them, and they turn soft after being in the hot soup.  the hard and thick noodles gives me more fullness and satisfaction. There are three options for the hardness of the noodles

  • Al dente
  • Moderate
  • Soft

I obviously chose Al dente.  Above the cooker where they cook the noodles, there are four timers to control the texture of the noodles.  Maybe some will think they are relying on gadgets to help them make the perfect noodles and that shouldn’t be if they are real ramen chef.  But I actually think that is better, atleast the ramen are accurate in the way I want.


4 timers for 4 different batch of noodles


Preparing each bowl


As I was instructed, before eating the noodles, I should taste a spoonful of the soup first.  the soup was amazing. i have been tasting alot of Ramen these days since the Ramen trend has been long on going since the first one ‘Butao’ was opened.  Ever since then, there has not been one that actually hit me with ‘WOW’   There was always something missing, either the soup was not too good, or the noodles, or the egg etc.  But this soup has really hit me.  The waiter told me that their soup is slowly cooked for two days so it is dense and strong.  When you order on the piece of paper, there is three choices

  • Strong taste
  • Moderate
  • Weaker taste
the soup with the 'stronger taste'

the soup with the ‘stronger taste’

He said, the soup itself is alreday strong so can be quite salty to some people who isn’t used to a strong dense soup.  I chose ‘moderate’ and friend chose ‘strong’   The difference was obvious but not a huge difference. But i guess if you keep drinking the soup, the strongness builds up.  After half of bowl I could feel the saltyness of the soup and needed to drink some water to neutrailize the taste in my mouth.  My friend who ordered ‘strong’ did not find it salty and carried on without complaining.  But I would suggest if it is your first time, go with ‘moderate’  It is enough to burst you with the flavoursome but not make you think it is too salty.

Soup with the 'moderate strongness '

Soup with the ‘moderate strongness ‘

The soup was not too oily nor as thick as some ramen soup I have tasted. It still has that collegen texture but not as if i am drinking jelly like other ramen shop. It had a nice consistency. Sometiems when the soup is so dense, I don’t feel like I am drinking the soup but more like slurping it down like jelly and fills you up too fast! I ran out of soup towards the end, and asked to add more soup onto it.  I guess the amount of noodles they gave me and the soup was not in ratio.  There was ALOT of noodles and I drank most of the soup.  But they were so kind to give me more soup.

Not much soup left

Not much soup left

When I have finally finsihed my ramen, I sat and drink some water.  When I returned and looked inside my bowl, i realize the top of the soup has formed a skin.  It was like a jelly like form.  It is obvious the fat from the soup.. or some would say the collegen?

A jelly like formed from teh soup

A jelly like formed from teh soup

The roast pork –

The roast pork by appearance looked bit dull and colourless, which I thought did not look too invitaing. The cut was thick and chuncky and teh shape wasn’t exactly nice.  Every cut did not seem to be the same or precise either and that is because after you order your ramen, you will see the chef cutting it carefully himself.


Chef cutting the meat

Who could have guessed this ‘average’ looking piece of meat tasted so damn good?  I hate thinly sliced pork, there is no texture and absolutely nothing for your teeth to grind in.  I ahve tasted roast pork that melts in your mouth n drowning your atste buds with flavour in japan. But in Hong Kong, I have not yet tasted Roast pork that I can really rave on about.  This place did not make absolutely best roast pork but so far in Hong Kong, i think tehy are the best.  Although the roast pork looks thick and tough, the pork  was soft and tender.  It did not melt in my mouth, but I did not ahve to chew for a long time. It was really tender, to me it seemed more like braised meat.  i liked it.  Hardly any fat meat on it which is so unhealthy. IMG_0463Only bad thing or i would say room for improvements is, I think once the meat is sliced, it should be cooked in teh soup for a bit more to absorb more of the taste. I preder the meat to be bursting with flavour, like every bite you bite into, you can taste the soup.  But as the meat is sliced and just placed on top of the ramen, it is still cold and to me, it needs to coorporate into the ramen to amke it as one. And maybe cooking or even let it swim into teh soup for 1 second would make a difference. There are only two slices of roast pork in the ramen, but they are big and thick, quite generous.

Ramen as a whole-

I am totally amazed by how good the whole ramen came together. The soup was superb, the consistency was almost perfect. The noodles was just how I liked it.  The roast pork was probably the best I have tasted in Hong Kong, but there is definately room for improvement on the appearance and to amke it even better. I forgot to mention about the egg.  I have a theory. When i taste good soup and noodles, usually the egg is a real let down. But they made my theory wrong, the egg was above average.  The egg atsted fresh and tasted refreshing. Although the egg yolk seemed slightly on the cooked side, it was still great. IMG_0457 Garlic  nd pepper are near every seat and can be added as mucha s you like.  i do not like pepper but the garlic does make the soup base difference. i do not add too much as it will over take the taste of the pork bone soup which i adore. Plus too much garlic makes your breath smells after!

garlic and pepper as you wish

garlic and pepper as you wish


IMG_0449 A small ramen shop with only bar seats. I would say there are only approximately 16-18 seats.  Slightly bigger than ramen shops in hong kong island.  there are still some room, than being right next to your neighbour’s face.  I enjoyed my meal there, watching the chefs preparing my ramen and I enjoyed looking at the painted wall.  at first i thought was a wallpaper but I realized it was painted on.  It is those typical japanese painting you will see. IMG_0465 i loved the painting.  Makes me feel welcome and more homey if the boss actually puts the effort into making it warma nd cozy.  I do not see other ramen shop doing this but them  Alot of ramen shops decorates with things from japan and plays japanese songs, but to paint a japanese painting on your wall.  WOw I must give credits.  It makes me feel closer to them and feel like the boss have given thoughts into this, for their costumer connect with them

But I have to say the front of the shop is sure eye catching – looks like pop art to me. Sharp yellow and red, caught my eye straight away. Reminds me of Pop Art, and this is Japanese pop art!

Front of the shop

Front of the shop



Service was impeccable.  I can’t even suggest one flaw about it. From the momentw e stood outside we were greeted immediately. I was asked nicely to wait, and after a minute, I was led to my seat.  He quickly offered to take my bag and will be hanged onto the portable hanger they provided onto the table itself

Portable hanger on the table

Portable hanger on the table

When we took off our coats, he offered again to hang it on another hanger.  He was so polite and friendly, he even introduced us the hanger. When we were ordering and marking on the piece of paper given, he was so kind he came over to explain how dense the soup is and nicely advised me that ‘moderate’ strongness  of the soup will be enough for me.  Even when the ramen came, he kept apologizing that it took so long, which made me awkward as it did not even take so long. But he is ever so kind and polite, and helpfull. The chef was also very kind, Even though they spoke Japanese, they made eye contact with us and nodded and spoke Japanese.  when i asked for extra soup, he did not look hassled or judging. As he gave me the extra soup, he smiled and nodded. I cannot rave more on about their service.

The kind chef

The kind chef

Menu explantaion


Order papaer

Each person needs to fill in an order sheet.  the first part is ordering your own special ramen.

You need to choose from these few categories

  1. You can choose from 4 different types of ramen  – 1)  The pork bone base soup ramen with bonito powder (original ) 豬骨魚介拉麵 $78   2.) The pork collegen dried noodles 豬軟骨骨膠原撈麵 $78   3) The Spicey ramen  紅色暴雨拉麵 $83  4) The tomato soup base with cheese ramen 伊台風 $88
  2. Second step is choosing how strong you would like the soup to taste. You can choose from: Light, normal and strong.
  3. Third step is choosing how much oil you want in your ramen: Less, normal and more.
  4. Fourth step is the hardness of the noodles you prefer, choose from: Hard, normal and soft
  5. Fifth, the last step is choosing whether you want sping onions or not. Yes or no 

That is the basic steps of choosing your ramen. I was kindly reminded that the ramen will only have the toppings just like on the menu picture

Menu- choice of 4 ramen

Menu- choice of 4 ramen

The next part of the order paper is Toppings.  You can add an extra egg or meat just as you wish

Toppings: Choose to add

  • Extra Char sui (meat) – $25
  • Extra seaweed – $10
  • Extra noodles – $10
  • Extra half boiled egg – $12

Next part you can choose your drink from choices of :

  • Coke – $12
  • Coke Light – $12
  • Sprite – $12

At the bottom of the sheet there is a boz where you can write your requirements or comments.  That is so attentive.  I haven’t seen any other ramen places do that.

On other notice they put on the table is a piece that tells you how to enjoy your ramen, and directions on how you really should eat it.



Maybe we all think or have our own ways of eating our ramen, but it is quite nice to read how we should be eating it to get the most out of it! i surely tried to follow the steps, especially to drinka spoonful of soup before eating the ramen staright away.  I enjoyed the soup very much that way and it actually gave me a warm up!


Water is complimentary.  A jug of water is placed on the table, obviously sharing with people and glasses on the side. But you will need to help yourself with the water. There is a lemon in each jug which I don’t like.  But it is nice and fresh AND FREE!


They only serve 3 different soft drinks – coke, coke light and sprite all at $12. Which i persoanlly think it is bit expensive and rather go buy it at 7-11 later.  But some people might like to drink it while they are eating.  But with the BIG bowl of noodles, how can you possibly drink soft drink at same time?


I would definately recommend the 豬骨魚介拉麵 – $78 . The soup is delicious, a huge generous bowl.  The noodles were made perfectly and even the pork was tasty.  What more can you ask for?


I have tasted good ones in Hk island but it is rather a small bowl.  And they don’t even charge you service charge when the service is PERFECT. i cannot rave anymore on about this. But I have never been to a Ramen place so attentive, so polite, so welcoming!

Only thing is they do not provide you with roasted sesame to add into your ramen, which i like.


As the staff was so easy to approach and talk to. I asked him why this place is called ‘台風’ (Typhoon) as it does not seem too japanese.  And this place is cooked by japanese chef.  He said their boss wanted the shop to come like a Typhoon!  And a big name out of it.

That is why their logo is lightning over a bowl! it is quite cute!



Would I go back again? YES!!!!!!!!
Rating from my brain (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥
Rating from my Heart (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥♥
Overall rating (out of 10 hearts) : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 9/10


Mon – Sun

Lunch – 12.00am – 4pm
Dinner- 6pm – 11pm

Reservation: Walk-ins only, BUT PREPARE TO WAIT!

Service charge : NO! Hooray!