Date Dined: thursday 16th June 2011

Ordered: Chocolate Parfait ($36) & Devil chocolate ($42)

Taste: Devil chocolate ($42) – This contains 3 layers, shaped into a dome, and cocoa powder is sieved on top.

Devil Chocolate
Devil chocolate: First layer would be the outer layer. the texture is between chocolate mousse and jelly. It l;ooks alot like a chocolate mousse, but once you have a spoon of it, it is like jelly. at first i could not taste it was cheese. But once you have a spoonful of the THREE layer altogether, you will taste the cheese in it. When tasted seperately you would not taste the cheese. it isn’t too rich in cheese flavour, so no worries there for anybody who does not like cheese. the texture is soft, gooey and it DOESN’T melt in your mouth as you would expect.

3 different layers
the second layer is the layer in the middle wrapped round by the Chocolate cheesecake mousse. it is a brownie and i won’t say anythings pecial to the Brownie. it is very bitter when you eat it seperately, so again, i would recommend eating the three layers together.

the third layer is the bottom layer, which is the base of the dessert. It is a lot harder than the two layers. It simply is a layer of chocolate crispy made with cornflakes. it is crispy yet chewy. with rich choco flavor but not overly sweet. it is by far my favourite layer. But if you eat it seperately, it is no special. eaten together it makes a huge difference. One layer of the soft jelly cheesecake, which is over sweet, but the bitterness of the fudge neutalize it. Then theres the hard crispy layer of the chocolate crispy on the bottom, which is chocolatey but not overly sweet. With such a great combination, the dessert is a hit! i loved eevry spoonful of the dessert. I loved how it takes me through few stages of texture and taste, but it goes so well together. but after half of the dessert, it does get too sweet, so i do suggest have a drink, NOT THE CHOCOLATE drink but something refreshing or a parfait like I did.

chocolate parfait
Chocolate Parfait ($36) The chocolate parfait was what everyone ordered in the shop. nearly each table had the parfait. I went for the chocolate parfait. there are a few flavours to choose from – strawberry, Chocolate, chestnut & red bean. red bean was the cheapest and where chestnut is most expensive.

It was quite a huge tall glass,w hich i did not think i can finish it by myself. the vanilla ice cream looked pure white with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce drizzled all over it with white chocolate flakes on top. also a choco stick in it with a piece of white chocolate on top for decoration. the server was very considerate and gave us the two spoon for it.

the lovely spoon
I have to mention how much i loved the long spoon. It wasn’t just any long spoon, but a spoon, that isespecially made to hook onto the glass. the middle was curved to zig zag shape so it can hook onto the side of the glass. I loved the design, made the parfait even more special.

The vanila ice cream was soft and ice cold. usually when parfait gets to the table it is half melting, but teh ice cream here is still ice cold, and I love how you dig deeper and you spoon a big heap of ICE COLD ice creamw ith some chocolate sauce. at the bottom is heaps of cornflakes which was refreshing and it adds bit more to the texture as it was crispy and not sweet. but by time got down to the bottom, i was already full.

Atmosphere: i liked the atmosphere, It wasn’t too busy although all seats and tables were taken, but was overly crowded where lots of people are lining up, and they are desperately waiting for you to hurry up and leave. we waited atleast 8-10 mins fro table, as we did not want to share a table. But in the end after we sat down, a couple sat opposite us on our table. the shop consist of 3 bench tables which i would say you can fir 4 on a table, and maybe 6 if you like to be squashed. There is also one long table facing the windows. so not much seats as the open kitchen took up half the shop. One thing I did not like was when you come in the sliding door, you are literally kicking the table infront of you. there are hardly any space between the table and the door. so you have to squeeze yourself through which was a hassle.

The main colour of the shop is white, which makes it more spacious and kept it to minimal. there are washrooms behind which is small but clean. i likek small shops that has CLEAN washrooms and also a sink out for you tow ash your sticky hands after the sweet dessert. the shop is white but the banner is green.

Photos outside with no names
Conclusion: When we got there, it was full, so we decided wait outside which has a few seating outside. waited a while looking at the picture outside after few mins, a guy came out and asked us if we werew aiting. we said yes, but would liek table on our own. later he told u there is a free table.

Menu: specials

Menu: Pudding & Honey box
The menu is not PAGES long like other dessert shops, which confuse you as you want to try every single dessert. they have kept it simple here, parfaits, chocolates desserts, puddings etc. probably only 10 ranges of dessert then there is beverages.

parfait & Chocolate

It was quite easy to make up my mind. but hang on, we all know what parfait is, but how hell we know what a devil chocolate is, or the chocolate box or even the honey box. it was real confusing, just reading the name and deciding what to eat. there are no pictures on the menu nor descriptions. There were no pictures inside the shop for me to find out what it is or how it looks and taste. so when i was ordering, I asked the guy who was serving us, he got his iphone out and showed me a picture of it, and I had keep asking him to describe them or go back to the pictures. He was helpful, but what if it gets really busy? He will have to show every single person who ask what it is, and have to describe what it is to them. won’t he get tired and fed up?
as a costumer myself i would like to know WHAT I AM ORDERING, or what it looks like. Noone would like to order a ugly looking dessert, or order a dessert that they dont like the fillings of. instead of explaining and showing it to every single person, i think it is best to have pictures up or on the menu with description. this way, it will speed up service and costumers will have best understanding.

I really liked the devil chocolate. itw as everything i wanted in chocolate. the three textures and taste goes so well together. it looked so cute as a dome witha strawberry on top for decoration. Only thing is, it got a bit too sweet, that is where the parfait comes handy. the parfait was ice cold and refreshing. it refreshed my taste bud, so after a few spoons of the parfait, the Devil Chocolate tasted even nicer, and lost the sweetness. so i would definately recommend to have soemthing refreshing your taste bud.

The parfait by far was more disappointing. it was good, and I loved the spoon but it was nothing special. it was better parfait than other places i must admit, but compared to the other special looking dessert, this was not shining. the chocolate devil is made by 3 different layer of chocolate, someone designed nad made this and put together a good concept, the parfait was lack of this. The parfait is a parfait at the end of the day. But if it is your first time here, i would still recommend trying a good parfait because it is better than anywhere else. But next time when i come here I will try the other special dessert.

The desserts aren’t expensive, round 30-40 hk dollars each. that isn’t a lot when you compared to other dessert place that charges you 60-70 hk dollars. This is high quality dessert made with all their heart. i love how you can taste their the effort they put into this place. next time I will try the Honey box, and the green tea tofu pudding.

PS: They provide serviette which is very rare for deseert shops. You can tell they have actually ‘thought’ into what they costumers needs and how they can achieve best result.