Date Dined:  19th oct 2011 8.15pm Ordered:  Spaghetti Carbonara ($108) & Open sandwich & Pad Thai with mushroom ($108) Intro:  Greyhound is...

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GreyHound Cafe


Date May 2011 Meal Dinner Ordered Para Picar MANZANILLA OLIVES (v) 1.75 TORTILLA DE PATATAS (v) 4.50 Charcuterie JAMÓN IBÉRICO RED LABEL 11.75 Fish ...

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Roast Scallops with White Port & Garlic

Date April 2011 Meal Dinner Ordered STARTERS Roast Scallops with White Port & Garlic 14.75 Tamworth Belly Ribs – 11.00 gbp Chargrilled squi...

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Date Dec 2010 Meal Late dinner Ordered Nigiri Sushi Salmon – 2.90 gbp Eel – 3.80 gbp Tobiko – 3.30 gbp Cut roll California – ...

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Pham Sushi

    Date Dined: Monday 29th August 2011- 6.30pm   Intro -:spanish tapas to me seems EXPENSIVE and SMALL portion, so has never been one of my top cu...

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Fofo By El Willy

London was 24 degree Celsius today. Nice and sunny. Nomore hotpot. hot noodles so opt for a nice tapas. I have always wanted try the new tapas restaur...

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