August 2015


A world’s fair happens every few years or every year, and it takes place at different city/country each time. This year it takes place in Milan and the theme is  ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’  I couldn’t wait to visit this expo, as the theme this year is food and it is in europe. Only a short flight from London.

Past world’s fair in the last 15 years:

  • Spain 1992 Seville (Spain)
  • Italy 1992 Genoa (Italy)
  • South Korea 1993 Daejeon (South Korea)
  • Portugal 1998 Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Germany 2000 Hannover (Germany)
  • Japan 2005 Aichi (Japan)
  • Spain 2008 Zaragoza (Spain)
  • China 2010 Shanghai (China)
  • South Korea 2012 Yeosu (South Korea)
  • Italy 2015 Milan (Italy)
  • Kazakhstan 2017 Astana (Kazakhstan)
  • United Arab Emirates 2020 Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


011-Eastern Europe 2015 014

What we see right from entering the entrance

012-Eastern Europe 2015 016

The army

013-Eastern Europe 2015 017

Walking towards the main street of the expo

014-Eastern Europe 2015 018

View of the side of the expo

019-Eastern Europe 2015 024

Reporting live on TV

020-Eastern Europe 2015 025

Main part of the expo

021-Eastern Europe 2015 026

Stopped for a gelato right at the start

022-Eastern Europe 2015 027


023-Eastern Europe 2015 028

I queued up for a slushie for a good 5 mins

024-Eastern Europe 2015 029

Half watermelon, and half lemon slushie.. delicious

lithuania’s pavilion

025-Eastern Europe 2015 030

lithuania’s pavilion

Ireland’s pavilion

026-Eastern Europe 2015 031

Ireland’s pavilion

Czech Republic’s Pavilion

027-Eastern Europe 2015 032

Czech Republic’s Pavilion

028-Eastern Europe 2015 033

Look at all these people chilling by the pool

029-Eastern Europe 2015 034

All the kids in the pool with the big bird

030-Eastern Europe 2015 035

So pretty

031-Eastern Europe 2015 036

Looking from the inside

032-Eastern Europe 2015 037

Inside is a gallery which as nothing to do with the pool

Czech Republic’s was the first pavilion I went into.  It seems more like a villa (small one) than an exhibition. Everyone were relaxing by the pool, children were playing in the pool The bird in the pool stood out the most, however i did not know what it was representing so i looked on the site –
The center of attention is a unique water sculpture of a bird representing world progression of Czech companies in the field of nanotechnology and biopolymers production using waste materials.”
Inside the pavilion was very boring, i had no idea what the exhibition was about, nor did I find out how it was connected with the theme. 

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥

Bahrain pavilion

033-Eastern Europe 2015 038

didn’t look interesting so i did not go in

034-Eastern Europe 2015 039

What a good day

Angola Pavilion

035-Eastern Europe 2015 040

Angola Pavilion- I did not go in

Brazil’s pavilion

036-Eastern Europe 2015 041

Brazil’s pavilion

037-Eastern Europe 2015 042

Visitors flooding to walk on it

038-Eastern Europe 2015 043

The staff walked normally on here

039-Eastern Europe 2015 044


040-Eastern Europe 2015 045

I gave up halfway by walking through that door

041-Eastern Europe 2015 046

look at those girls wearing the Vietnamese hat

042-Eastern Europe 2015 047

So hard to walk on there

043-Eastern Europe 2015 048

I made it…. half way ^^

044-Eastern Europe 2015 049

Stylish resting area inside

046-Eastern Europe 2015 051

To feed the birds?

047-Eastern Europe 2015 052

The shop

048-Eastern Europe 2015 053

The shop

049-Eastern Europe 2015 055

Brazilian’s coffee

051-Eastern Europe 2015 057

walking underneath the net

053-Eastern Europe 2015 059

Thank God no one is wearing a skirt

Here is the description of their theme from their official site
The Brazilian pavilion, with the theme “Feeding the World with Solutions”, will play with the metaphor of the net in terms of flexibility, fluidity and decentralization to welcome visitors to exhibitions, cultural and gastronomic activities, seminar and events, to highlight Brazilian commitment in giving people worldwide a full access to quality food. ”
  I guess I can slightly see what the net has to do with their theme. however the Brazilian pavilion is my favourite.  Visitors are able to walk across the net, which was very tricky if you wasn’t wearing trainers.  I had sandals on, and it kept getting stuck in between the net, it actually hurts. i saw kids actually losing their shoes. it was also very bounce, so it took me quite long to walk across. actually i lied, I gave up half way.  It was lots of fun.  even inside the pavilion, the shop was interesting with lots of souvenirs to buy, even a coffee bar inside.


Rating (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥♥

Tiki Bar

050-Eastern Europe 2015 056

I spotted a Tiki Bar

052-Eastern Europe 2015 058

Getting my Mojito

Upon exiting the Brazilian pavilion, I saw a Tiki bar at the back. On a hot summer day like this I couldn’t resist but getting my favourite cocktail, Mojito!  They did happy hour too, however I was too early.  The mojito was strong, I felt like I was drinking straight Rum.

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥

Angola’s Pavilion

054-Eastern Europe 2015 060

Side of the Angola’s pavilion

Belgium’s pavilion

057-Eastern Europe 2015 064

Outdoor seating area

058-Eastern Europe 2015 066

the counter

059-Eastern Europe 2015 067

Free badge

060-Eastern Europe 2015 068

Getting freshly fried chips from the Belgium’s pavilion

061-Eastern Europe 2015 069

He posed!

062-Eastern Europe 2015 070

Lots of sauces to choose from

063-Eastern Europe 2015 071

Pretty messy

064-Eastern Europe 2015 072

Belgian fries

065-Eastern Europe 2015 073


066-Eastern Europe 2015 074

Atleast there are bins

067-Eastern Europe 2015 075

Belgian fries with lots of sauce

068-Eastern Europe 2015 076

Pretty nice and filling

069-Eastern Europe 2015 077

Going into the Belgium pavilion

070-Eastern Europe 2015 078


071-Eastern Europe 2015 081

‘small country. Great food’

072-Eastern Europe 2015 082

There is a beer bag right inside where they sell chocolates

Outside The Belgian pavilion was an area for their street food, including Belgian fries, waffles and beer. So we opted for the Blegian fries. Freshly fried and lots of sauces to choose from. everyone sat or stood outside to finish off their food. There was a live DJ by the side, however i wish he played the music slightly louder so it would be a better atmosphere.
The exhibition inside was rather boring, there was a shop at the back selling Belgian chocolates and also a really nice bar at the back. Apart from that, it was boring.

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥

Vietnam’s pavilion

073-Eastern Europe 2015 083

Vietnam’s pavilion

075-Eastern Europe 2015 085

Vietnam’s pavilion

Doesn’t these bamboo structures remind you of Singapore’s Garden by the Bay?  I actually thought it was Singapore’s pavilion, however it was Vietnam’s.  The bamboo structure is supposed to represent the lotus, vietnam’s national flower and a symbol of optimism for the future. I got there at the right time, there was a traditional Vietnamese dancing going on, with music.

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥

South Korea’s pavilion

076-Eastern Europe 2015 086

Futuristic South korea’s pavilion

077-Eastern Europe 2015 087

Korean welcoming visitors

078-Eastern Europe 2015 088

I have no idea why this Korean staff was spraying water at his colleagues

079-Eastern Europe 2015 089

Walking upstairs

080-Eastern Europe 2015 090


082-Eastern Europe 2015 093

Teaching us ‘how to eat

084-Eastern Europe 2015 096

‘They talked about abesity

085-Eastern Europe 2015 097

I loved this wall

083-Eastern Europe 2015 094 086-Eastern Europe 2015 098

087-Eastern Europe 2015 099

Letters on the floor

088-Eastern Europe 2015 102

Watching the video patiently

089-Eastern Europe 2015 103


090-Eastern Europe 2015 104

All waiting for the show to start

091-Eastern Europe 2015 105

Robotic installation

092-Eastern Europe 2015 106

Robotic installation

094-Eastern Europe 2015 110

Room of fermentations like kimchi!

095-Eastern Europe 2015 111

Interactive table

096-Eastern Europe 2015 112

Cool room

097-Eastern Europe 2015 113

It changes

098-Eastern Europe 2015 114

The shop

099-Eastern Europe 2015 115

Inside the shop

100-Eastern Europe 2015 117

Modern Shop

101-Eastern Europe 2015 119

Queuing for Korean food

102-Eastern Europe 2015 120

Fried chicken

Korean pavilion was another popular one.  It looked really futuristic.  I enjoyed it. it was very different, with lots of different topics, from obesity to robots to pottery.  I liked the room of the fermentation, with interactive table explaining how fermentaion works.

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥


103-Eastern Europe 2015 121

Lots of tins

105-Eastern Europe 2015 124

Not too much people

Basmati Pavilion

104-Eastern Europe 2015 122

Basmati Pavilion

106-Eastern Europe 2015 125

Random food stall

Malaysia’s Pavilion

107-Eastern Europe 2015 126

108-Eastern Europe 2015 127

Lots of gelato

109-Eastern Europe 2015 129


111-Eastern Europe 2015 133

Interacting inside Malaysia’s pavilion

There was a huge line for Malaysia pavilion  As you enter, you will be seated to watch a video. Then you will go inside to the rainforest.  You will have to walk around the rainforest, there are some interacting games, however it was fairly boring for adults. i felt like i was on a school trip. It might be fun for children

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥

112-Eastern Europe 2015 134

I love this

113-Eastern Europe 2015 135

Walking around the side

Lavazza’s pavilion (Italian)

117-Eastern Europe 2015 139

Got my Caffè macchiato

116-Eastern Europe 2015 138

At Lavazza

I loved the coffee here. It wasn’t expensive at all, and came in a big cup.  I enjoyed my Caffè macchiato while watching visitors walking by.

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥

118-Eastern Europe 2015 140

Nutella’s shop

119-Eastern Europe 2015 141

So pretty and spacious


121-Eastern Europe 2015 143

walking towards EATALY

122-Eastern Europe 2015 144

Lots of restaurants in EATALY

123-Eastern Europe 2015 145

walking in

124-Eastern Europe 2015 146

going into EATALY

125-Eastern Europe 2015 148

Spaghetti ?

126-Eastern Europe 2015 149

Fatcap.. lol

128-Eastern Europe 2015 151

Too many to choose from

129-Eastern Europe 2015 153

only restaurant with a queue

130-Eastern Europe 2015 154

Found Rossopomodoro

131-Eastern Europe 2015 155

a long queue

133-Eastern Europe 2015 157

freshly made

137-Eastern Europe 2015 161

working hard he is

140-Eastern Europe 2015 164

Their tomato sauce

141-Eastern Europe 2015 165

our pizza

144-Eastern Europe 2015 168

Went upstairs for more seatings and restaurant. It was shockingly empty

145-Eastern Europe 2015 169

Outside dining area

146-Eastern Europe 2015 170

Wanted this milk ice cream

147-Eastern Europe 2015 171

Only a few flavours to choose from

148-Eastern Europe 2015 172

Milk Gelato

We stopped by EATALY to grab dinner which was a mistake.  With lots of restaurants to choose from, but it was confusing. There were too much choice and you don’t know which one was good. it was empty as well.  There were some queues, but people looked lost just like me.  We ended up getting a pizza from Rossopomodoro which i knew it wasn’t good but atleast it was cheaper. The pizza didn’t satisfy me so we got a Milk gelato from the outside, which was appalling.  the only pros was there are plenty of tables and seats upstairs or you can relz sitting outdoor.

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥

Fruit and Legumes


149-Eastern Europe 2015 173

Looking at plants

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥

The Water Zone

150-Eastern Europe 2015 174 151-Eastern Europe 2015 175

Holland’s pavilion

152-Eastern Europe 2015 176

Entrance into Hollands pavilion

153-Eastern Europe 2015 177


154-Eastern Europe 2015 178

Fries and meatballs

155-Eastern Europe 2015 179

Loud music and funky dining area

156-Eastern Europe 2015 181

small balls and big balls? LOL

157-Eastern Europe 2015 182


158-Eastern Europe 2015 183

Dutch meatballs

159-Eastern Europe 2015 184

Fried meatballs

160-Eastern Europe 2015 185

Freshly fried

161-Eastern Europe 2015 186

More dutch food

162-Eastern Europe 2015 187

I soooooo wanted this Weed burger!

163-Eastern Europe 2015 188

Ferris wheel restaurant?

164-Eastern Europe 2015 189

Burger truck

165-Eastern Europe 2015 190

Hotdog truck

166-Eastern Europe 2015 191

So cool

167-Eastern Europe 2015 192

Silly cow

It was getting dark when i went to Holland pavilion, it was getting busier as everyone were hungry and wanted dinner. There were plenty of food trucks here, with outdoor dining area on grass. This place was definitely the çool’place to hangout.  I felt like I was exploring a street feast here. Their theme was “Share, Grow, Live” which i can totally feel it here.  food here was fast food, but easy tos hare like meatballs. there are seatings where you share with your companion or strangers. everyone is easy going here, and you can see everyone having fun. I love this.  It was young, laid back and cool!

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥♥

Hungary’s pavilion

168-Eastern Europe 2015 193

Hungary’s pavilion

169-Eastern Europe 2015 194

queuing up for the famous rolled caked, Kürtőskalács (chimney cake) in Hungary

170-Eastern Europe 2015 195

Kürtőskalács (chimney cake)

171-Eastern Europe 2015 196


172-Eastern Europe 2015 197

Promoting their water

Hungary promoted their mineral water at their pavilion.  It wasn’t interesting but we got free water at the entrance which was very refreshing.

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥

Spain’s pavilion

173-Eastern Europe 2015 199

Walking into Spain’s pavilion

174-Eastern Europe 2015 200

View from upstair at Spain’s pavilion

175-Eastern Europe 2015 202

A bar outside

177-Eastern Europe 2015 204

FFD coop supermarket

Tree of life

178-Eastern Europe 2015 206

The Tree of life

Tree of life was less spectacular than I imagined.  From looking at their official website, Tree of Life looked much taller and bigger. i imagined it to be like the one in Singapore. However, this was disappointing too

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): 

176-Eastern Europe 2015 203

Slovenia’s Pavilion

179-Eastern Europe 2015 207

Austria’s pavilion

181-Eastern Europe 2015 209 182-Eastern Europe 2015 211

Chile’s pavilion

183-Eastern Europe 2015 212

Huge shop

184-Eastern Europe 2015 213

Lots to buy

185-Eastern Europe 2015 214

Dining area

186-Eastern Europe 2015 216


Germany’s pavilion

187-Eastern Europe 2015 218

America’s pavilion

188-Eastern Europe 2015 219

Eyecatching America’s pavilion

189-Eastern Europe 2015 221

Walking to the inside

190-Eastern Europe 2015 222

Obama’s video

192-Eastern Europe 2015 224

obama talks about food

193-Eastern Europe 2015 225

Obama again


194-Eastern Europe 2015 226


195-Eastern Europe 2015 227

Upstairs overlooks the expo

America’s pavilion was big, and immediately we wanted to go in, it is America after all. Upon arriving on the first floor, you will see a huge screen with a video of Obama talking. I can’t believe he actually agreed to do a video for this expo. Then we walked to the top floor which was a bar, overlooking whole of the expo. Nothing special

Rating  (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥

Magnum bar

196-Eastern Europe 2015 229

magnum bar

197-Eastern Europe 2015 231

DIY magnum!


I regret not being able to go to these pavilion as i didn’t have enough time, and I was tired:

  • Japan
  • Morocco
  • United Kingdom
  • China


  • Buy your ticket online –
    However I really don’t think you need to buy the seasonal pass or three day pass, as it is only slightly cheaper.  I would buy one day and see if you would like to return, as I thought one day was enough
  • Bring a fan – it is hot.
  • There is two entrance/exit, East and West so don’t get confused
  • If you are driving, there are several car parks.  upon arriving at the ticket office, show them your car park ticket and you will receive a free night ticket for anytime.
  • There are night tickets where it is a lot cheaper, you can go and enjoy the food


Would I go back again? No, one day was enough
Rating from my brain (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥ 
Rating from my heart (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥
Overall rating (out of 10 hearts) : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/10

I originally planned to visit the expo for three consecutive days. i am glad i didn’t buy the 3 days ticket as it would have been a waste of money.  Although i didn’t visit all the pavilions, I still didn’t return. The pavilions was boring, some I didn’t even bother going into, some I just totally didn’t see the connection with the main theme of the expo.  The food was below average, i spent more time walking to find an interesting pavilion than walking inside.  It’s a good experience if you are in europe or travelling to Italy, but i wouldn’t flying over just to see this. My ticket was free so i am quite glad i didn’t have to pay for this.


Milano Expo 2015
Exhibition and Trade Centre
20156 Milan
39 02 02015

Mon – Fri
10am – 11pm
Sat & Sun
10am – 12am

1 May to 31 Oct 2015


1 day – Fixed or open date – 39 Euros
2 days – Consecutive – 67 Euros
2 days – Open date – 72 Euros
1 night – Open date – 5 Euros

Family ticket is available if you have children with you.

Buy it online here
If you are flying to Milan, please do consider Etihad airline as they were giving entrance ticket to people who fly with them to Milan