Date dined: Thursday 2nd june 3.15pm

Tea set for two
Ordered: InterContinental Tea set for 2 ($428)

Taste: ham sandwich- All the savory sandwiches looked so small and cute. They were all round unlike others i have tasted. The ham sanwichw as good. I can’t say they are the best sandwiches I have tasted but they weren’t bad. The bread was soft and spongey. With fair emount of ham

Smoked salmon sandwich – i really liked this, not only the appearance was it was good, but the whole design. it is one layer of wheat bread then one layer of smoked salmon then one layer of the bread then the salmon again. which is more thoughtful that just two piece of bread and salmon in the middle. The sandwich si cut into round shape and just bite size.

Egg mayo sandwich- This was also liek the smoked salmon sandwich, it was one layer of bread, then one layer of the mayo, only difference is they used white bread in this rather than wheat bread. It is also cut into round shape. It tasted like all the egg mayo I usually i have, nothing particularly special about this.

Still trying guess what the filling was
Bread with an unknown filling- This tasted really nice, but we couldn’t guess what fillings it was. itw as creamy white, but definately not egg mayo. The bread was poppy seed bread, which brings out another taste to it. i loved this bread

Overall I liked the savorys andwiches served here, they gave alot more thought into the look, shape, taste, texture of teh sandwiches more than any other hotels I have been. Where they would just put fillings into two piece of bread. Herre they have tried using other shapes, other bread, other texture etc to make them all different

Sweet cakes


Strawberry cheesecake
Strawberry cheesecake- The strawberry cheesecake was good. With soft cheese inside and strawberry coating on outside, with real strawberries on top. Was delicioud. i liked how they included white chocolate on the outside, which gave more texture to the cake. I liked it alot.

custurd tart
Custurd tart – This looked like a large marshmellow. We couldn’t work out what it was, but we split it in half and it was custurd inside but withcream on outside, shaped into a dome. The bottom was cookie tart. Nice and crispy on the bottom, smooth and creamy on the top.

Orange eclair with caramel inside- I am not too fond of orange cakes or food, so i might be abit bias on this review. The eclair did not taste as sweet as i expected it to be. The caramel inside was not sweet at all, but quite enjoyable. The orange topping was really sweet. Too sweet, felt like I was eating heaps of sugar. Not good.

Chocolate orange cake
Chocolate orange cake- This tasted too sweet. maybe because the chocolate and chocolate mousse have started to melt. It has lost its original texture and as itw as warm, it tasted too sweet. Not good at all.

Scones- The scones came in two different types- plain and raisins. I personally liked the raisins, as it gave more texture and taste. The scones were nice and warm, and came seperately in a box. I liked them with the clotted cream. Was very filling.

Overall the sweet cakes were REALLY sweet and they have lost the texture and started melting very soon. i would have hoped they would improve on that.

Atmosphere- The lounge is situated on the ground floor, right at teh back from the front door. Nothings pecial about the interior. the hotel looks bit old, nothing trendy or stylish about it. teh lounge was quite big with many seatings and sofa. Was not even half full when we got there. It was nice and bright.

Conclusion- I wouldn’t ahve personally picked to go TST to high tea but did not have much choice but to come here. for 428 hk dollars, i thought this was over priced for the food nad atmosphere. The service was okay, could have been better. I heard anotherw aiter telling the other waiter off, which isn’t too professional. One of the waiter tried to tell us the clotted cream, jam and marmalade but I couldnt hear a word he was saying. He should have spoke louder and clearer. The cakes were all below average, teh savory snacks were better. for that price and for a setting that has no effort and old, i think teh food should be better. There wasn’t even refills on the tea which is really cheap and inconsiderate for the price you are paying

Raspberry ice tea