London was 24 degree Celsius today. Nice and sunny. Nomore hotpot. hot noodles so opt for a nice tapas. I have always wanted try the new tapas restaurant like Kopapa and Fino but have not yet had the chance.

So today. we tried Barrafina which is on Frith street. We walked diwn from Oxford circus from dean street. Tye exterior was quite simple and I nearly missed it. Typical restaurants in soho with a couple of tables outside, to be exact 3 tables.
We got there at 6.40 pm. It was 90 percent full. There are only seatings by the bar with high chairs, which caused a bit of trouble for me climbing on as I am real short and it probably means hitting or whacking the person next to you as sitting so tight together

When we arrived we were not greeted so i stood at the entrance wondering whether to take up that free seat or wait to be served. After a good 5 mins a lady finally asked us to sit on the two free seat. After struggling to get on, we were asked by our waitress behind the bar would we like water, still or sparking and gave us a wine menu. Being Chinese we don’t usually drink on a weekday with oir meal. But I noticed nearly everybody was drinking wine. Our waitress then told us the daily special. We then took our time to look at the menu. There isnt huge choice but enough.
We chose
Baby Gem salad
Original Tortilla
Chorizio with potatoe
Suckling pig- daily special
Quail egg with Black truffle

I will list the review as the order it was served

Baby Gem salad- This came in 3 portion. 3 small portion which I wasn’t too used to as my salad usually comes in a big plate. I did not think it was wirth a good 6 pound as hardly any leaves. Nothing to rant about

Chorizio with potatoes- I am a super fan of Chorizio. The chorizio are placed on top of the potatoes. I found the Chorizio was cut into too big portion. I would have liked it in smaller portion. But it still tasted good. The potatoes were soft and has soaked up alot of the chorizio sauce. The potatoes was not crispy nor had much flavour but was quite filling.

Tortilla- This looked real cute. Very round and was golden yellow. Couldnt wait to cut it open and look inside. Once I cutted it open some of the egg yolk burst out. The centre was potatoe which was even mire filling. The egg was moist and warm. I loved it but next time would order the Spinach filling.