Date dined: Satuday 15th Jan 2011

Mr chow would get better service?
Oredered: Hot Milk tea 絲襪奶茶, cold milk tea 凍奶茶, spring onion chicken breast noodles蔥油雞排撈丁, condense milk on toased bread 奶油豬, french toast 西多士

best tea in town
Taste Hot Milk Tea 絲襪奶茶: The hot milk tea was nice and thick. I tasted it without adding sugar, it was nt seet at al. that way you can really taste the real tea instead of sugar water. It was nice and dwnse. I oved it. I added half spoon of sugar and t was just right as you do not want the sweet taste to cover up the tea taste. The hot milk tea is much better than Ice milk tea, as ce milk tea has already been put sugar in and it is to sweet. The ice maes it watery and less densee

Spring onion chiicken breast noodles:蔥油雞排撈丁 this is meant to be their signature noodle. On the menu it definately looked delicious. Golden chicken breast on top of nicely done noodles and green veg on the edge. When it came, the chicken breast was not golden brown and was not nicely chopped or plaeed on the plae. Looked abit messy. The noodles were obviously soaked in hot water and taken out and put on plate. It was still hard and in its orginal state. hardly any sauce and was not mixed in with the noodles. I think they could imrpocve on the noodles by actually mixing the sauce with he noodles and maybe abit more suace?

Condense milk on toasted bread 奶油豬: This by far was the worst. Fisrtly it was hardly toasted, not even warm. The two halves came on top of the other. Once we looked at it closely, the butter was not spread evenly and there was hardly any condense milk. It was tasteless and for such a simple dish, I hink they can spend 5 sec more to actually spread it peoperly and notice there is not enough condense milk.


French toast 西多士 we ordered this after we finished eating as we have saw nearly each table ordering this dish and it looked so dlicious. It came within 2 minutes and it looked golden brown, With a dab of butter in middle. I realized there was no syrup on there, and could not find bottle of syrup on our table either and had to ask for it. The syrup really made a diffrence. It was nice and thick. The french toast was delicious. it was teaming hot. Crunchy on the outside on the side, but nice and fluffy on the inside. I would come again and again for this.

half of 豬扒包[

Pork chop bun 豬扒包 the pork chop was served with a burger bun. That is quite different from all the other pork chop buns I have ever had. There is a tomato with the pork chop. i quite liked the combination. The tomato made the bun more refreshing and abit more taste. the pork chop is well marinade. easy to bite and not fatty. The bunw as warm and soft.

Conclusion: There are many negative reviews about this place, so i was quite sceptic in trying this place. But i was happy with the outcome. i enjoyed this place and would love to come back. The milk tea was great and probably the best i have tasted in years. It is worth it to queue up for such a good milk tea. The service on other hand was really bad. People did not acknowledge you. they enever smile or even look at you when you order. No manners at all. All because they are really busy. But i think that is no excuse at all. They probably think, this is a local place with cheap reasonable price and tons of people queuing up so no need worry about service. But good restaurant should provide good service. i am not asking them for 5 star hotel service but at least be polite and say please and thank you. especially when they take orders and when you are paying at their tills. at teh end of the day, we are the ones who is paying you.

Anyhow, i went on saturday afternoon. There were a long queue already. we were asked to stand on the side and queue up. alot were tourist with travel books that recommeded this place to them. We waited about 20mins. There were two seats outside but i dont think they are best seat ever. You will need pass this narrow small door to get inside, once you inside you realize it is quite big. couples big round tables, and a few small tables. we were lucky enough to be seated on the small table so no need to share a table which made us eat slower and enjoy the milk tea. the is typical Hong Kong cafe where you just shout at what you want, and you will have the piece of paper with price of your orders and you will pay by cashier yourself.

Get pass the narrow door
Place looks bit dirty and old. not much hygiene but you will see a lady outside that keeps washing and washing. this place close on Sunday so try not to come on Sunday. but if you do, their other branch in Central opens on a Sunday. can give it a try. this is definately a place you will like if you like cafe food, if they could improve their service abit more, i think there would be more Positive reviews than Negative reviews!!!