Hyogo Prefecture

Sightseeing Date September Kobe Harborland is located near the waterfront, where there is a beautiful scenery for photos taking.  You can walk around...

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Kobe Harborland

Kobe beef with rice

Date Oct 2015 Meal Lunch Ordered STEAK SET Kobe beef lunch set x 2 – 6280 jpy Food Starters Soup Salad Soup was the first course and it acme imm...

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Date Sept Meal Dinner Ordered RICE BOWL Roast Beef Bowl (LARGE) – 1150 jpy Slice Steak Bowl (LARGE) – 1158 jpy Food Roast Beef Bowl (LARGE) &#...

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Red Rock

Assorted grape tart

Date Sept Meal Dessert Ordered Cakes Assorted Grape Tart Cherry Clafouti French Cherry Custard Cake Food Cakes Assorted Grape Tart Cherry Clafouti Fre...

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Patisserie Tooth Tooth


Sightseeing Date September Kinosaki is a famous Onsen town in Hyogo prefecture.  It is famous for the enchanting scenery along the river.  There are...

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Kinosaki Town Centre

Garden view

Check In Date Sept Location Kinosaki, Japan Style Japnese Ryokan with onsen Room Room with dinner and breakfast I have to be honest, Onishiya Suishoe...

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Onishiya Suishoen Ryokan