Located on the 31st floor of the W Hotel Taipei, Yen Bar offers an amazing view of the city and we had the best seat to view the Taipei 101.  There i...

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Yen Bar – W Hotel

Wagyu Tartare

Taiwan is known for their nightmarket snacks and cheap yet tasty local food, but lacked in casual fine dining restaurants.  So when two contemporary ...

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Date Summer 2016 Meal Snack Ordered 胡椒餅 x 2 – 30 NT Food 胡椒餅 10/10 Ambience & Interior Menu Please click here for the full me...

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Date 2016 Meal Lunch Ordered 小湯包 – 70 NT 酸辣湯 – 25 NT Food 小湯包 – 7/10 酸辣湯 – 6/10   Ambience &...

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Comes with the glove and sauce

Date 2016 Meal Dinner Ordered SPECIALITY 招牌甕窯雞 全隻 Specialty Weng-Yao-Chicken whole chicken – $650 NT VEGETABLE 炒青菜 – S...

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甕窯雞 Weng Yao Chicken

魯肉飯 Braised Minced Pork Rice

Date Summer 2016 Meal Lunch Ordered 魯肉飯 Braised Minced Pork Rice (B) –  30 NT 魚翅肉羹湯 Meat with Shark Fin Broth (S) – 50 NT...

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圓環 – 三元號


Date June 2016 Meal Lunch Ordered 鐵鍋酥皮蛋捲 杏鮑起司菇捲 Cheese and mushroom egg roll on skillet – 60 NT 三明治 阿嬤燒肉 S...

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Loco Food 樂口福


Date June 2016 Meal Dinner Ordered RICE 魯肉飯 (大) Braised pork rice- 40 NT 焢肉飯  Stewed pork rice- 50 NT NOODLES 香菇赤肉羹米粉 Mus...

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