Date June 2014 Meal Dinner at 8:30pm   Ordered Wai Po Hong Shao Rou 外婆红烧肉 Braised meat Ma Po Dou Fu 麻辣豆腐  Spicey ToFu 茶香...

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Grandma’s Home 外婆家


Date June 2014 Meal Lunch at 2pm Ordered Tangbao/Dumplings (Ground meat with duck egg yolk) – $20 RMB Tangbao/ Dumplings (Ground pork meat) R...

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Jia Jia Tangbao佳佳湯包

White Asparagus and scallops

Date June 2014 Meal Dinner Ordered Chef Choice Sharing Menu – $788 (RMB) for two people Food Drink CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL The champagne cocktail acm...

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Table No.1