Salted Pig

Date January 2013 Meal Lunch at 2pm Ordered 2 lunch set One Porker lunch set – soup or appetiser or salad + sandwich or speciality – $118...

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The Salted Pig (Closed down)


Date dined: Satuday 15th Jan 2011 3.pm Mr chow would get better service? Oredered: Hot Milk tea 絲襪奶茶, cold milk tea 凍奶茶, spring onion ch...

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蘭芳園 Lan Fong Yuen

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!! 2.30pm til 6pm Date Dined: Monday 30th May 2011 2.45pm Ordered: 2 afternoon tea sets for 2 $438 The chocolate library menu ...

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Chocolate library

Date Dined: 30th may 2011 6.30pm apprx Ordered: Ivory silk cocktail & Blueberry Mojito Cocktail Experience: I was having high expectations from Oz...

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