Waffle with Bacon

  Date Nov 2015 Meal Tea Time Ordered TEA MENU Waffle with Bacon Green tea Ice Cream with Pancakes BEVERAGES Green Tea Latte x 2 Iced Mocha Food ...

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Honey Badger

魯肉飯 Braised Minced Pork Rice

Date Summer 2016 Meal Lunch Ordered 魯肉飯 Braised Minced Pork Rice (B) –  30 NT 魚翅肉羹湯 Meat with Shark Fin Broth (S) – 50 NT...

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圓環 – 三元號


Date Sept Meal Sunday Brunch Ordered BRUNCH Benny & The eggs – 148 hkd Buenos Dias! -168 jkd Latte Iced coffee Food BRUNCH Benny & The e...

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Praya Waterside Eatery

Assorted grape tart

Date Sept Meal Dessert Ordered Cakes Assorted Grape Tart Cherry Clafouti French Cherry Custard Cake Food Cakes Assorted Grape Tart Cherry Clafouti Fre...

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Patisserie Tooth Tooth


Date Sept Meal Breakfast Ordered Traditional Japanese Breakfast Food Breakfast was simple yet filling.  There wasn’t any meat but full of veget...

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Onishiya Suishoen (Breakfast)

Steak set

Date Sept Meal Dinner Ordered DINNER SET 200G Special Kobe Beef Steak Set – 5480 jpy Served with soup. bread or rice, grilled vegetables, coffee...

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