Bangkok 2014 073

After You Dessert Cafe first opened in Thonglor, a hipster area with trendy cafes and bars.  First opened its door in 2007, there are over 10 branche...

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After You Dessert Cafe

Egg tarts

Luk Yu Teahouse first opened its door on Wing Kut Street in 1933, then reopened on Stanley Street in 1976.   Despite there was an assassination in...

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Luk Yu Tea House 陸羽茶室

1-unnamed (2)

Opened by Cheng, a Singaporean who once worked in brand marketing who got bored of working in a big company..  She then learnt how to bake and op...

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Date June 2014 Meal Dinner at 8:30pm   Ordered Wai Po Hong Shao Rou 外婆红烧肉 Braised meat Ma Po Dou Fu 麻辣豆腐  Spicey ToFu 茶香...

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Grandma’s Home 外婆家


‘Hida Beef (Hida gyu) is the specific name given to beef from black-haired Japanese cattle that have been raised in Gifu Prefecture for at least...

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Maruaki 飛騨牛の丸明

What a cool name, cool logo Date dined: Sunday 29th May 2011 6.25pm Ordered: 2 bowl of pork bone ramen (1 withe xtra sweetcorn) Taste: Big bowl with r...

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魔麵 (now closed)