Date: Thurs 23rd June 2011 9.00pm
Ordered: Chorizio with rye bread bun set ( ice coffe + Chips with truffle sauce
Portobello with signature bun ( iced tea & Onion rings with ketchup)
Both comes with vanilla Ben and Jerrys ice cream
Chorizio sausage with Rye bread
Taste: Chorizio with rye bread – You can say the bun is actually a small baguette. Rye bread, you can expect it is bit hard to bite into. I liked the texture as it was hard and crispy. The rye bread was fresh and has been heated up so was nice and warm. The chorizio was bigger than I imagined. As Chorizio is usually quite expensive so they tend to provide you with smaller sausage. The chorizio was bursting with taste. For those who has never tasted chorizio, it is a spanish type of sausage. It is usually dark red and harder than other sausage. The texture is like those chinese sausage we have – lap cheung. But the taste is quite different. Chorizio is rather salty and little spicey. I like Chorizio as a whole, but i usually have chorizio cutted up and cooked in fried rice or cut into smaller bits in a platter. Having the Chorizio as a hot dog was strange. The strong taste of the chorizio means i cannot taste the honey musturd that i chose on it. Nor could i taste the cheese I ordered on it. The bread did help a bit to neautralize the saltiness but not enough.
Chorizio with rye bread
i liked the bun itself, i liked the chorizio itself, but not as a whole of the hotdog. the taste is too strong, and cannot taste anything else on that hot dog.
Portobello with signature bun
Portobello with signature bun ( with honey musturd & Caramalized onions) – The bun was the star of this hot dog. The bun compared to the rye bread bun was much softer and a little bigger in size. It seemed like a normal baguette but it is a buttery bagette. it is soft and fluffly on the inside but crispy hard on the outside. It was delicious. It was VERY buttery and I mean VERY, You cans mall the buttery taste even if you was holding the bun away from you. At first i thought it must be because they put a lot of butter on it but it was the bun, filled with buttery taste. I loved how you bite into it, theres the crackling noise from how crispiness the bun is, then you can feel how soft the bun it is indie.
Portobello with signature bun
The potobello sausage was better than the chorizio. It was thick and meaty. If you taste it long enough, you can actually taste there is portobello mushroom inisde it. This seemed more like a hotdog than the chorizio. Everything actually goes together, the sausage goes well with the buttery bun. The caramalized onions is at the bottom, under the sausage. It is nicely caramalized with the honey musturd. 
Fries with Truffle mayo – The fries came with the little Frying basket which was really cute. it made it more interestinga nd can tell they gave it a bit of thought. The fries was thin long fries. Although i prefer thick fries, these fries were so crispy that I cannot stop eating it. The fries were not oily at all, only thing was, it was so hot and crispy, it burnt my fingers, BUT I am not complaining. i love the fries so hot. The fries came with truffle mayo which i loved, and cannot stop eating them. the mayo was fresh and creamy with a faint atste of truffle. i even dipped the onion rings into the truffle mayo. was too good.
Fried with Truffle mayo, onion rings with ketchup
Onion rings- These were fried into same size which is rare. all big and round. None was broken. these are the first onion rings that i bite into them, and the onin doesn’t all come out at once. They were nicely fried with nice batter whichw asn’t too thick but just right. Crispy and tastes so good with the ketchup or the truffle sauce.
Service: service was excellent. we had booked a table as i would be using a voucher. Once we enetered our waitress greeted us and asked if i was ….. we were seated and gave us the menu.
set menu
She showed us what our coupons has to offer. She kindly let us choose our meals. She came back after few mins seeing we couldn’t decide. She kindly explained and gave an intro on what type of sausages are available. How each one tastes and which one we should choose if we like a specific taste. She then patiently let us know which ones are the most popular When we have finally decided on which ones we wanted, she guided us through what toppings we could add and what would suit more with the type of sausage we picked and the different type of musturd too. She was very patient with us at all time, and was willing to help anytime. When I asked what would be for dessert, she said fried apple. I told her I do not like cooked fruits. She said it is quite nice but I said no. I was expecting not to have the dessert, but in the end, without asking, she came up and said “would you like ice cream instead for dessert?” I was amazed with this girl. I wasn’t expecting for any dessert at all, but somehow she was so considerate and asked us if we would like to change it to ice cream!!! We were using coupon, and she still cared about us, and cared that I DO NOT like cooked fruits.
Ben n jerry’s ice cream
Thank god there is actually a restaurant that cares about their costumers. 10 stars for the waitrss who served us. The ice cream wasn’t small either, and was nicely served in a tall glass with chocolate sauce on top. It is also Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream!
Conclusion: I enjoyed eating here, maybe because we were the only people there. It was 9pm and was empty, maybe because of the location. Far away in Soho next to Entourage. Not many people would walk all the way up just for a hotdog, and it is an EXPENSIVE hotdog. A lot of seatings inside the restaurants.
Nice interior with paintings on the wall. The place is spacious with lots of seatings without squashed together. The kitchen is right down at the back.
List of different sausage
I liked the concept of this hotdog place, you can say it is higher end hot dog place. All the hot dogs are 70 hk dollars or above. Some are more expensive than others. There are more than 10 sausages to choose from. From looking at the menu you would realize they have gave a lot of thought into this place. Next to some of the hotdogs flavour, you would see a logo which lets you know which are beef, which are pork and you will even know which ones are the most popular, so you can easily make your choice.
Fries and onion rings
There were three types of sides i was alloed to choose from, onion rings, sweet potatoe fries and fries with truffle mayo. I tasted the onion rings and fries with truffle mayo. I must say, the fries with truffle mayo was the best. You just cannot stop eating then, the mayo was delicious and creamy. All the sides comes in the metal frying basket, which is a miniature size of those used in fast food chains. It was so cool, makes it more enjoyable when eating it, knowing they gave lots of thought into making it special, and this is only the sides.
The hot dogs were different. Different from all the hotdogs I have ever eaten. The buns were different, they actually gave thoughts into it. Rye bread is healthy and tasty with harder texture. But I must say, the signature bun win this contest. It was fluffy soft and filled with buttery taste. Nothing could beat that at all. The texture was so nice,could eat it on its own. The sausages were all special and unique in their own taste. Every bite was bursting with flavours, hot and juicy. Although the chorizio was rather salty, but it was enjoyable as you know these sausages are more expensive and taste unique. What’s more fun is the hotdog comes on a chopping board. Isn’t that so cool. Who would have thought of serving a hotdog on a chopping board with their logo printed on. Something unique and different.
Choice of bun, condiments
There are about 4 types of musturd, honey musturd, dijon musturd, whole grain musturd, classic musturd, truffle dijon musturd. She tried to explained the differences in taste. But to me I wanted the honey musturd. I am sure each musturd would have a big impact on how the hot dog taste.
Overall I liked Brat. This aint your ordinary corner shop hot dog place. Where you just go in grab a hotdog, pour ketchup and musturd over and other hand with a fizzy drink. This place makes you want to sit down, read what is on the menu, study each flavour, and match the different musturd and condiments with it for perfect taste. When the food comes, you be so amazed. Chips in a mini metal fryer, hotdogs placed on a chopping board, fun design, and proves how much thought they have put into it. If only their drinks could come in a cooler design than a normal glass! When the food finally on table, it makes you taste each bite you take in, instead of scoffing it down. This place makes you sit patiently, think, appreciate and taste each bite. Would you do that for hotdog that cost 10 bucks with normal ketchup and musturd. Who actually ever requested different musurd? Who has ever ask what type of musturd they give you on your hotdog. This place has given thoughts and time to make it work.
Got informed of the pop up shop
Yes it is expensive, but hey, it is worth it. The sausages are worth it, they are absolutely great. Their concept is cool and fun.? So why not be a Brat and give it a try?