This newly opened Japanese Dessert shop is strangely to be found situated in jordan.  Not only it is a dessert shop but they also serve ramen and noodles.

As a Japanese Dessert shop, of course their main ingredients will be GREEN TEA (My best love).  Do not worry if you are not a Green tea fan, it serves many other flavours, chocolate, strawberries, etc

It is opened by a Japanese man who is living in Hong Kong. So 100 percentb authentic.  Their swiss rolls are gorgeous, and I found out it is made from someone who used to work  at the Swiss Roll Expert shop in TST which is now closed – ROLL –



January 2013


Dessert at 7pm


  • SMALL Green tea Swiss roll 抹茶蛋糕卷 – $15
  • Baileys & Green tea macarons 馬卡龍 -$15
  • Green tea parfait 抹茶芭菲 – $75


SMALL Green tea Swiss roll 抹茶蛋糕卷 – $15

I only ordered a small one which is half the price of a regular size one. Oh boy, did I regret that. There is literally only 4 mouthful when you order a small one. And it is NOT ENOUGH!

Green tea swiss roll

Green tea swiss roll

It really did remind me of the swiss rolls I used to buy from Roll in TST but sadly they have closed down.  supposedly the chef is from Roll. Roll was called the swiss roll expert, from the fluffiness of the cake and how creamy it is. It was delicious.

The roll here was just as good.  the appearance makes you want to dig in and rip the roll apart straight away,  It is so cute, round and fluffly.  you can tell how fluffy it is compared to ones you can get from other bakeries, where they are much harder and stiffer even by looking at the appearance.  The rolls here are round and tehre are more cream inside than the cake itself which makes it so yummy.


The cake is not hard as all, it is fluffy and light and you can smell the fragrant of eggs used in the swiss roll.  The acke melts in your mouth with the cream on the inside.  although there is some amount of cream, but it doesn’t feel too heavy or overly sweet.  The cream is light but flavoursome.  I loved this green tea roll.  the green tea is so rich but not to point where it is bitter like many places, because the boss here uses top quality green tea from japan. Every ingredients is from japan, even the rich japanese 3.5 milk. how can the rich green tea flavour not be dancing in your head when it is top notch Green tea from Japan.

i can taste it now even thinking about it. the rich smooth creamy center with the fluffy soft cake.  Delicious.

Next time I will try other flavours too

 Baileys & Green tea macarons 馬卡龍 -$15

I only choosed two flavours of the macarons, which i am quite glad.  they are alot smaller than ones I get from other places (My favourite is TWG in IFC) but of course the price is cheaper too, at only $15.

I am going to be honest, but the macarons were not up to standard. Niether of them were,a nd it did not make me order more.




i ate the bailey first.  The texture was not hard on outside and chewy on the inside.  When I bite into it, the whole thing collapsed, as if it was some cracker.  The center wasn’t chewing, it was like some jam in the middle, overly sweet.  I could not taste any baileys in it. It did not seem like anything near it but just overly sweet.  The outside was disappointing, if you look closer to the macarons, the surface is not smooth but bumpy.  Not what i call a ‘good’ macarons. But who knows, maybe japanese likes it this way.



The Green tea flavour macaron was slightly better.  The Green tea fragrant was subtle but not too sweet like the baileys macarons. The centre had more texture to it but still not chewy.  It was missing some texture.  It was still flaky though, once I bite into it, everything falls apart, and it gets everywhere.  i see room for improvements here, maybe they are still newly opened.  i will try again some time.

Green tea parfait 抹茶芭菲 – $75

this Parfait looks delicious, and I am not a big fan of parfait.  But in the menu it looked so great… so why not try?

How it looks on the menu

How it looks on the menu


The parfait has 7 layers, nad here they are (Starting from the bottom

  • 1st layer = Cornflakes (crunchy)
  • 2nd layer =white chocolate mousse  (smooth)
  • 3rd layer = Custurd (smooth)
  • 4th layer = cream (smooth)
  • 5th layer = Green tea flavour jelly (jelly texture)
  • 6th layer =  mousse  (smooth)
  • 7th layer = Green tea mochi with green tea ice cream on top

I adored this parfait.

It looked elegant, it looked healthy, surprisingly even with lots of creama nd ice cream. i think it is the green-ness that amkes it look healthy!

Lovely parfait

Lovely parfait

Green tea mochi

Green tea mochi

The Green tea ice cream on top was cold, was chilly cold, so did not melt straight away. There was a few green tea mochi on top. they were adorable. They were bite size and chewy, but not to point where they are sticky. you can taste the green tea flavour in it but not over powered by the taste. Do not try eat them all on their own, have a spoonful with the cream mouse below.  The chewy squashy texture with the smooth creamy mousse goes so well together. it is unbelievable.  eating first two layers of the parfait made me want more. it is like unlocking secrets when you play games. every level you get new surprise! i loved it.


But unfortunately the next ingredients down was the jelly.  Green tea which i did not like.  I am not a big fan of jelly, so i am quite biased on this.  i don’t like that texture and it did not atste too nice.  it was not sweet at all, but a little bit bitter as it was just green tea. i had to scope them all out.  the next few layers were the creama nd cuturd which i loved dearly.  The mousse was smooth and fluffly. it was like fluffy texture when you whip the egg white to its peak when you are making tiramisu.  when it is so fluffy and foamy, but snow white and smooth.  when you put into your mouth, it slowly melts and disappears.  This mousse/cream was just like that but with a powerful vanilla taste to it.  inbetween the mousse was the custurd.  I am a big fan of custurd who cannot get enough of it.  the custurd here was smooth and rich.  the few layers went so well with the crunchy cornflakes on the bottom. i must say, try scoop a few layers of cream/mousse and custurd with the cornflakes. at first it reminds me of breakfast, cereal with milk. But afterwards, you realize cornflakes can make a delicious dessert.



The crunchiness gave more fun when eaten with the smoothness of the mousse and custurd. The taste of all three melts together and makes you want to scoop more. Who does not like cornflakes, crunchy sweet things that you can crunch them down? It was so yummy.  I am glad it was on the bottom, gave it a good ending!

Atmosphere & Service

Who would have guessed a japanese Green tea dessert store in Jordan.

The interior of the shop is all chic and modern. White walls, white tables, white chairs. Fairly simple design interior. It gives ooff a simple and refreshing feeling.  Although the owner is Japanese and majority of the dessert is Japanese, somehow the whole shop gives of a very ‘HOng Kong’ feeling. I was sitting there and wondering why is this.  The design is very simplified just like most Japanese places are, but somehow it seems very locak Hong Kong to me.  It seems dirty ‘white’ than clean white, and it feels kinda cheap in there.

White tables, chairs and wall

White tables, chairs and wall

The whole atmosphere reminds me of typical Hong Kong cafe you will find in MK. Noisy with familes and friends talking, no music and cannot even hear myself talking.  Costumers are majority families so with children playing around in background and adults talking aloud.  If the market they are trying to attract are not families but working people (ladies more) and girls to come for a chat and chill out place maybe the atmosphere would be different.  The Service provided by their staff plays also a big part of the atmosphere.  they all seem bit too busy and unfriendly to us.  Even if i was asking about the menu, theyw eren’t very helpful. Lack of euthusiasm and lack of attentiveness.  Why i know or feel I am in a local Hk cafe without any class is from the staff. They are not professional enough and it ruins the whole experisnce. Talkinga nd asking them things are a waste of time as they sincerely feels like I am giving them hassle  They get irrated and impatient. So how am I supposed to think this place is professional and enjoyable?

Noisy HK cafe?

Noisy HK cafe?



When I heard of this place, I was expecting a very small chic Japanese shop. with exterior that reminds me of Japanese restaurants I have seen in japan, and local trend in HK is to make it look as authentic as possible.  But it was not my expectation to see a plain looking shop.  Although I liked how you can see everything inside with the big windows at the front. First thing that caught my eyes was the macaron tree at the counter. Looked delicious enough for me to snatch it away.


I don’t think much people knows it is opened by a Japanese man.  I think it is important for it to let people know about this.  maybe adding Japanese to the menu or an introduction page on the menu. Or even have a Japanese or English Japanese name at the shop front.


Menu explantaion

There are a huge list of desserts especially grren tea base dessert on the menu.  Apart from dessert, there are also savory food from rice to udon to ramen on the list.  Which is why this isn’t just a dessert shop, but a friendly family dining place.

There are lunch sets, Tea sets and dinner sets for those are coming here to dine.

There are many flavours for their Swiss rolls, from green tea to vanilla to Chocolate.  There are 10 flavours to the macarons from Cassis, mango, salty caramel to green tea.




There are also a few choices of parfait.

Not only they do these few specialities but they also makes cakes and patiseerie which i would love to try. Especially their round pandan cake!



Beautiful patisserie

Beautiful patisserie

Different delicacies

Different delicacies

This place uses ingredients only from Japan. Their flour is from Japan, even the eggs are from Japan!  And of course their milk is from Japan, they uses the famous 3.7 milk

3.7 milk

3.7 milk


Green tea parfait 抹茶芭菲 – $75 and Green tea Swiss roll 抹茶蛋糕卷 – $15


Would I go back again? YES!!!!!!!!
Rating from my brains (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥
Rating from my Heart (out of 5 hearts): ♥♥♥♥
Overall rating (out of 10 hearts) : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 8/10

The dessert here gives quality and is delicious. From appearance to the taste.  It has potential to be something bigger.  But it lacks class and professional from their service.  they need to improve the ambience and the service.  Well known places with quality have professional and great costumer service.  And it definately lacks that so far. But i will be going back and hope they have improved and fly out of Jordan!

And it would be best if they provide an english name, atleast foreigners can come and visit too. How are they gona pronounce or even know the name of this shop if they would like to visit?  I guess they only thought of doing it for Chinese people who can read Chinese.


The one word name


Sun – Thurs  

12 – 11pm

Fri & Sat



Reservation: Not neccessary

Service charge : Yes