Date Dined: Sat 21st May 2011 8.20pm

Ordered: Number 1: Pork bone soup base ramen with roast pork and shallots & Number 7:Chicken soup base with roast pork and egg
Sides: Egg and sweetcorn

Taste: Pork bone base- This came with spring onion roast pork and large amounts of sesame which makes the taste more fragrant. By just looking at it I can already tell the soup is not rich enough and abit watery. First I tasted a spoon of the soup, it was watery and not rich enough. But it did taste rich of pork bone and did not make me thirsty which MSG soup would make me feel. The ramen was thin type of ramen. I personalky prefer thick ramen as the texture woukd be chewy. The thin ramen s less chewy and very eggy taste. The ramen here comoared to BUTAU is not as good. The soup is not thick enough and too watery which makes me thnk I am drinking soup my mum has cooked. I liked how generous amount of spring onion and sesame they gave you. The roast pork was nice. I liked that lean pork was 70 percent and fat pork was 30%. Healthier yet yummy. It might have looked not as nice roast pork but the taste was good and it does melt in your mouth. The meat was tender not tough at all.

Pork bone soup
Chicken soup base ramen: The soup here was definately not milky white or thick. The soup was dark, bit like soy sauce and indeed taste taste like soy sauce. It taste like soy chicken dish that you have at home. Although it is very salty but it does taste better than the pork soup base ramen. After a few sip the soup actually grows on you and it is no longer salty. It isnt that salty that would make you drink water after each sip. But compared to the pork base soup it seems more rich and salty. The ramen comes with egg already and roast pork and a piece od nori so do not need as much sides. But compared to the pork soup this ramen only comes with 2 piece of roast pork whereas pork soup ramen comes with three piece. So depends on your needs you can keep in mind one has more roast pork but less isdes r more sides less roast pork. The ramen here is different than ramen in pork soup. The rAmen here is chewier and thicker.

Chicken base soup

Atmosphere and service: Hid away in sheung wan, it is bit hard to find. But teh exterior looks like genetic japanese ramen shop. As we came in, they all greeted us in japanese. There are few booth seating and bar seating. we sat at the booth. All chairs and tables are wooden. Very japanese. there were only few tables and the rest are free. as there weren’t much customers the atmosphere seemed abit dead. seemed awkward for even speaking louder. They gave us a menu each and we ordered quite quickly. Seats were comfortable and there was a bottle of water on the table for us to pour ourselves.

bar seating

Complimentary water
Conclusion I heard this is a austrailian chain ramen restaurant. They have a few branch in Austrailia and the chef or the boss is japanese from japan. So was expecting alot more than this. after tasting Butou in central and ramen places in japan, I know the soup should be much thicker and the roast pork should be so soft that it would melt in your mouth. the soup here was salty but watery. i think the pork bone soup was a real let down, it is watery and not even creamy white. the taste wasnt bad but nothing special. I cannot taste MSG which was a god thing. maybe it was hidden away in sheung wan, but there was no queue, so no waiting time. I wont be too sure for daytime though. If Butao has never stepped into Hong Kong then this ramen place would have been a big hit. The soup really letted them down. To be a hit in hong kong, you first need to be as good as Batao atleast, or put your price down a bit more. For average of 75 hk dollars, I would probably pay that for a bowl of ramen in Butao instead.

thinner ramen

thicker ramen

The owner?

2 sides