Sightseeing Date September Every year the sand museum at Tottori has a different theme.  Here are some themes from the previous years 2013 – ...

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Tottori Sand Museum


Sightseeing Date September Camel Riding You will see where you can ride the camel as you enter the park t see the sand dunes.  There will be a queue ...

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Tottori Sand Dunes

Miso soup ramen

Date Sept Meal Late night dinner Ordered RAMEN Miso soup ramen – 700 jpy Food Miso soup ramen There were only three choices of ramen to choose f...

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Cha siew ramen with miso soup

Date Sept Meal Dinner Ordered RAMEN Char siew ramen with miso soup – 1274 jpy Ramen with egg and pork bone broth – 1026 jpy DRINKS Small b...

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麺や 虎我 Taiga


Check In Date Sept Location Tottori, Japan Style Business hotel Check In There were two entrance and we could only find the side entrance which was lo...

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Tottori Green Hotel Morris